The secret to great sex

Many people have asked me what is the secret to great sex. I think they think because I work for London escorts I spend a lot of time discussing this subject. The truth is I know the secret to great sex because I’ve had many many boyfriends. Even the girls at London escorts at Charlotte Escorts Available Girls come to me for advice about sex in their relationship.


The first thing I tell them is you need to be open minded when it comes to sex. A lot of the girls at London escorts tell me that they are and they are actually quite freaky however they still feel that there is something lacking in the bedroom. But what London escort ladies do you not understand is that when I say open minded I don’t just mean to freaky sex I mean to be open minded with their partners.


The majority of people have certain needs and desires that they put to one side when they get into a sexual relationship. Having discussions with your partner about those desires will help them to understand how you feel and what do you like. And these feelings and desires are not fixed they can change over the years. I’ve been with many men who have multiple sexual desires and thoughts. The girls in London escort ask me how do I keep up with all of these changing desires. I simply tell them I have multiple open discussions with my boyfriends so that we always know where we stand.


Now I have had some boyfriends that have the weirdest sexual desires. I remember one guy used to like to spit on me as he orgasmed. And another who would often asked me to shove two fingers in his ass. Needless to say those relationships did not last long. The girls at London escorts also have many disgusting stories like that to tell.


Don’t get me wrong everyone’s entitled to their own sexual fantasy you just need to find the right partner that you are happy with to for fill their fantasies. The secret to great sex is definitely communication I’m picking the right partner. I always tell the ladies at London escorts you can’t just go around sleeping with any and anybody otherwise you will never experience great sex. You have to have an open discussion with your potential partner and suss out wether they are the right sexual partner for you.


Many of the ladies at london escorts have taken my advise and have had mind blowing sexual experiences. They always come back to me to tell me about them. Some of the stories are seriously out of this world. I’m just happy that they are happy. The funniest story a girl from london escorts told me about  was a guy who she dated who had a small dick. But after their open conversation about what they like and don’t like they had the best sex ever. So it’s not always about size ladies it’s about communication.

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