Last year I had a real house scare

So last year I had a real health scare I went to my doctors because I was having chest pains and my doctors started to run some tests on me we took some blood tests we did an ECG and the doctor listened to my chest. The doctor seem quite concerned about the things that they were hearing and the results that they had received and he told me that if I do not start to take care of myself and eat better I literally have a year left to live.


As you can imagine anyone receiving such news would’ve been in absolute shock I went home and I literally cried my eyes out. Some of the girls from London escorts at Charlotte Fulham escorts called me and came round to consoled me and with all the best intentions they came round with junk food and wine which at that point in time is not the thing that I wanted to see at all. It was because of the sort of bad habits of drinking too much eating junk food and just generally not taking care of myself that I’m in this position with potentially only one year to live.


When you hear news like this is actually really scary one year in a long time and I’m relatively young so there was so much more that I want to do after leaving or retiring from London escorts.

But if I didn’t fix my health I would never be able to do any of those things.


So I got my girlfriends together from London escorts and came up with a plan on how I was going to fix my health and live until 80. I have the best friends at London escorts they are absolutely amazing and have always been in support of me and any of my wild ideas. I literally don’t know where I’ll be without my support network from London escort.


So we cook together and devise a plan we started researching the healthiest diets and we came across a plant-based diet which is one that I adopted straight away even some of the other girls from London escorts decided they were going to jump on my bandwagon as well so we did it together and really supported each other. There is some girls from London escort you absolute gym fanatics and absolutely love fitness side but it up with them and started training four times a week before and after my shift at London escorts.


In the beginning it was quite easy to get into this new routine it was pretty much after about three months that I started to wane a little bit as a few choices started to get a bit boring and repetitive for me and I was starting to get tired but I was determined to see this out for the next few months until I went to go and see my doctor. About 4 1/2 months after seeing my doctor and getting the devastating news I went back to them and they re-did all the tests they were they were pleasantly surprised that all of my markers have returned to normal and if I continue like this that I would have a long and healthy life.

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