I have lots of erotic dreams about London escorts.

Okay, I date London escorts all the time but I don’t seem to be able to get enough of them. They seem to be everywhere in my life. I keep finding cards to the London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/ that I have dated in my wallet, and now London escorts are even invading me dreams. The girls are just stunning, and there are tons of blonde London escorts.

They say that every man has a certain hair color he prefers, and in my case it is blonde hair. When I was younger I used to watch a lot of porn movies, and all the girls in the movies had blonde hair. This is probably why I find blonde escorts so attractive. All of the escorts that I have dated in London are sexy as hell, and sometimes I can barely hold myself back sometimes. I would love to have sex with all of my girls but at the moment they are just sexy companions. Still, I still have my erotic dreams…

Monique is one of my favorite escorts, and I have some amazing erotic dreams about her. In my wildest dream she comes into my bedroom, and slips underneath the covers. She starts to stroke me all over with her amazing soft hands, and she finished off the night by giving me the most amazing blow job of all time. Of course, this is where I wake up and realize that she is not there.

I am left there in the dark with my frustration and massive hard on. Even if it is really late, I have to slip into the shower and coo off a bit, otherwise I would not be able to sleep. If it was only reality!

Sweet and innocent Angela – well, I don’t know if you can call a girl with a 34E chest sweet and innocent but in my dream she wears a school girl’s uniform. The dream starts when I pick her up to go out for dinner. In my dream world, I pull up in my car and she stands there waiting for me, wearing a school girl’s uniform. She gets into my car and we drive away.

Before we get to our destination we have to go past a park, and she asks me to stop. She tells me that she has been a naughty girl today, and needs to be told off. The only way she can be told off is to be punished a little bit, and I need to spank her bum and then her have it.

Just as I am about to let her have it and enjoy it, I wake up all excited.

Erotic dreams are strange because you don’t know where they are coming from. Are they wishful thinking or just dreams. Whenever I am together with my favorite escorts I never think like this, so would I change my thought patter in my dreams? I wish that someone could answer that question…

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